3D online editor

for personilised gifts and promotional items

How is it possible?

Hefest 3D is an environment

where you can put a 3D model of your product and open some of its areas for customisation

What are the products which would need 3D visualisation?

Personalised gifts and promotional items are blank products which can be customised during the ordering process.

People usually want to add images, logos or a text to make gifts more personal.

See in action

How it works

3 steps to show a product online

Upload your 3D model

Set areas for customisation

Get a link to the ordering interface

3 features to maintain the order

Receive file of the correct size ready to be printed

Get access to the source files

3D preview of the placed order

Try ordering

Create an order and see how easy it is. Our wizzards will take a visitor step by step to complete thier order.


At the moment we have monthly payment as low as 12 euro with 3 free models. Every new model will cost you 2 euro per month wich includes 2-week trial period to set the model up and test the new product.

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